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Sandton is a Management Surveyors Firm, Regulated by RICS. We ensure the proper management of new lettings, Assured Short hold Tenancy (AST) agreement, and tenancies.


An AST is considered the most common type of agreement between a landlord and a tenant for individual residential properties, that clearly states the terms and conditions and outlines the responsibilities of the tenants and the landlords. The agreement is in written form, and the minimum term of AST agreement is 6 months.  Landlords and tenants must abide by all the clauses set out in an AST. Sandton ensures that landlord comply with local rules & regulations and their properties are managed with the utmost care and diligence as well as the tenant are occupying the properties which are fit and safe homes for their occupancy.



Why Choose Sandton For Property Management


We are members of RICS and follow professional rules, ethical codes, and standards set by the regulatory body. Our team of well-trained professionals and property managers deals honestly, fairly, and transparently. We ensure that our valuable clients are provided with fair and clear terms of engagement that are signed by the manager and include fees, expenses, additional fees, business terms, and duration.


Our professionals carry out work with diligence, care, and out-pour in every task. We do not discriminate among the clients and the tenants and ensure effective communication in both financial and non-financial matters. We ensure that all the marketing and advertising material is truthful, and honest and brings an influx of appropriate potential tenants for the rental property.


To avoid an inconvenience in the future, we ensure to make clear the scope of our obligations to both parties. We provide a realistic and detailed assessment of all the costs involved in renting and management. All the meetings, viewings, and necessary inspections are carried out in conformity with the client’s reasonable and lawful wishes. We firmly believe in ensuring that the properties are let and managed in a way that client's earn return on their investments and they enjoy the rental growth and minimum costs are incurred to maintain healthy profit margins. 







Our Services


Letting and Management of Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)


We have dedicated marketing & property management departments, who take care of your property from Letting to the day-to-day management of the tenants and the tenancy agreement. We take care of your rents and collect them on time while also monitoring rent registrations and tenancy renewals.



Setting Right Rental Rates


Our marketing team gathers market rents data from different sources of comparable and discusses with the landlord to determine and set an optimal rental rate for the property.



Marketing The Rental Property


An effective marketing strategy is utmost vital to reduce any voids as well as to attract the most suitable potential tenant for the property. Our marketing team creates appealing adverts and markets the property on different listing websites and social media platforms to build the reputation and trust of your property and to bring tenants by advertising it with different strategies. Not just that, we prepare the property for rent, by enhancing its curb appeal.


Tenant Finding & Viewings

For any landlord, finding the right tenants for the rental property is the most difficult task to do. However, the Sandton’s Marketing department has made things easy for you as we create marketing packages which helps in finding quality tenants for any sort of rental property. We carry accompanied viewings following all COVID1-9 Safety measures.


Tenant Selection and Execution of Agreement

Tenant selection is extremely important and Buy To Let can only be a successful investment where the quality tenants are signed up for the properties. We verify tenant’s identity to comply with MLR Regulations, their income to ensure that the tenant will be able to afford the rents and they will pay their rents on time, their credit history. We carry out full reference checks by the appointment of external reference agencies We have defined criteria for tenant screening and selection. Once the tenant satisfactorily completes all the reference checks, we collect all the funds and once funds are cleared, we then draft the tenancy agreement and ensure they are executed properly.

We send follow-ups and inform the prospects who were turned down during the tenant selection phase.

Before moving in with the new tenants, our team performs a detailed Check in Inventory report, which is also signed by the tenant to verify the condition and the contents provided in the property.


Accounting Services

At Sandton, we have a dedicated property accounting services and maintain all historical records that include inspection reports, warranties, paid invoices, and leases. A monthly landlord statement is issued detailing the rent received and all the pre-approved expenditure deductions. We keep the landlord updated on tax deductions relevant to the property, if applied.


Tenancy Renewals

Where a landlord choses Let & Manage Service, Sandton will be responsible to renew the tenancy agreements at expiry. The regularly renewed contracts provide an opportunity to the landlords that their relationships with the tenants integrate any legal changes as well as serves as an opportunity to seek higher rents if market comparable provide the strong evidence for rental growth subject to the tenant’s affordability.


Periodic Inspection of the Rental Property


We create a defined schedule for the twice per annum management inspection of the property and perform periodic health & safety and repairing inspection of the property. We also make sure no codes are being violated.


Ensure Monies Payment and Dealing With Tenants

Our well-trained staff deals with arrears and manages clients’ monies proactively.

Apart from that, we are skilled in dealing with difficult tenants and we ensure to maintain a safe, and professional environment for all the tenants.


Maintenance, Repairs and Health & Safety Checks


Our inhouse maintenance team along with an established preventative maintenance policy on behalf of the landlord to keep the property in a better form. All the maintenance issues reported by the tenants are dealt with our maintenance team.  We ensure all proposed repair works are approved by the landlord and look for the solutions which are cost-effective and durable. Our team evaluates the property and works on improving the interior and exterior of it, thus increasing your chance of a good return on investment.


It is also ensured that tenants are given appropriate notices as per the term of the agreement so that the tenants are allowed to have “quiet enjoyment” of the property.


Our management team also ensure that the following mandatory checks are carried out periodically.


Gas Safety Inspection: Annually

EICR (Electrical safety Inspection): 5 yearly

EPC: 10 Yearly


So, whether you are a landlord who is looking for the right tenants for his property or wants a professional and an experienced management team to let and manage the property for you, please contact Sandton at 0203 771 9141. 




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