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Sandton is a reliable name that offers you residential and commercial block management. Now, you do not have to worry much, as it will take care of all your needs and requirements. Following a client-centred approach, Sandton aims to deliver high-quality customer services and innovative solutions in managing residential and commercial blocks. Our innovative and unique solutions and competitive prices set us apart from our competitors. Before we get into the details of the services we offer, let’s have an insight into what block management exactly is.


What is Block Management

Block Management, also called property management, easement Management or estate management, is a term used to manage residential and commercial blocks on behalf of freeholders or flat management companies (RTM). These companies appoint a certain professional managing agent that carries out the task of providing day to day management of the landlord controlled areas and collecting service charges and ground rents. The managing agent ensures that the communal areas are kept well and undertakes maintenance and the repair of the communal areas, including emergency lighting, Fire Alarm Systems, Communal area cleaning, garden and landscape maintenance, health and safety and any other services as per the terms of the lease.


A Connection Between Freeholders and Contractors

Block Management provides a connection between all freeholders and contractors and certifies proper maintenance standards and efficiency of contractors. It is ensured that all the contractors used on the sites have the right insurance covers in place and have the required skills and qualifications to carry out the works. We seek quotations before placing any contract to ensure that the costs incurred offer value for money. We carry out full due diligence of the contractors and the subcontractors to maintain the quality standards.


Why Do You Need a Managing Agent?

The task of managing any commercial or residential building is time taking and requires professional training and skills. One needs to know health and safety regulation, accounting and maintenance skills, and also understanding of tenant law and communication skills to deal with freeholders, leaseholders, contractors and tenants. A right managing agent works efficiently and properly maintains the building.

A poorly managed property can impact the value of building and property, thus causing loss to both freeholders and leaseholders.


How To Find a Good and Reliable Block Management Company?

While looking out for a reliable block management company, here are certain things that you need to ask that can help you find your next managing agent. You can also ask for recommendations and take up different references.


 Create a List of Potential Agents

Choosing the right block managing agent is not an easy task. You have to do a hard deal of research before finding a good agent that understands and fulfills all your requirements. For this purpose, recommendations help a lot. You can ask other residents of well-developed and maintained blocks and see which agent they have. You can also roam around your locality, and check the blocks. This way, you will be able to create a list of potential agents and shortlist some of them.

Google comes handy as well when looking for a reliable block managing agent. 


  Meet or Schedule a Call With Your Shortlisted Block Managing Agents

Once you have shortlisted certain agents, this is the time to schedule a call with them. The preferable way is to have a face-to-face meeting with them. The right agent will be the person you will be seeing on a daily basis, and who will be responsible for proper management and maintenance of your block. You have to talk about the quality, and the value they will be providing you with. You need to be as transparent as you can be during the conversation to better evaluate the terms, and services.



 Have Upfront Knowledge of Your Block

Before choosing your next managing agent, you have to provide them with certain information and show detailed tenancy agreement, service charges, and leases arrangements. Thoroughly discuss the block’s current and past problems, and see how they will be able to handle them.



As we excel in the services that we offer to the clients, appointing Sandton you will enjoy not only peace of mind but also the value of money.



  Ask Every Question You Have


You have to brainstorm all the questions that need to be asked. You have to know about the team you will be working with, and how often you will be receiving the reports. You also have to know whether the agent will be receiving any commission from the companies or not.


  A Detailed Contract


Customizing to your particular needs, an experienced managing agent will take you through a detailed contract draft, and you can amend it according to your requirements.


Sandton provides you with a detailed annual service charge draft budget, that shows all the forecast development expenditures. You can discuss the budget in detail in the regular director meeting. Once the budget is approved, the service charge is calculated, and the finalized budget and service charge year accounts are sent out to all leaseholders.


Our Block Management services


Our well-established block management team provides you with both residential and commercial block management, and our services include;


●     Day to day management of reactive and programmed maintenance

●     Collection of service charges and ground rents from tenants

●     Preparation of annual income and expenditure accounts

●     Maintain and manage a ring fenced account of the client

●     Retain accounts records in line with the 3rd Edition of RICS Service Charge Residential Management Code

●     Dealing with leasehold inquiries and lease interpretations

●     Dispute resolutions

●     Preparation of 5-year maintenance plans

●     Project management on major works

●     Section 20 consultations and project management

●     Negotiate insurance renewals and deal with claims within the common parts

●     Arrange for Health, Fire and Safety compliance and inspections

●     Carrying out quarterly property inspections

●     Assisting the clients with the ‘Right to Manage’ process and also collective enfranchisement


Where Do We Currently Operate?


Sandton is currently operating in London and manages the properties within M25, covering postcode in Croydon (CR0, CR2), Edgeware (HA8), Fulham(SW6), Clapham Junction (SW11), Battersea( SW11), Felltham (TW13), Tooting (SW17) and Brockley (SE20) and providing both commercial and residential block management services to Freeholders, Individual Developers and Corporate Investors.

We will expand to other cities in the near future.



Why Choose Sandton?


 Sandton is a trusted and reliable name having a well-trained team and specialist with hands-on experience in block management. As every client has different needs and requirements, we arrange a meeting and sit down with our prospects and carefully and thoroughly go through requirements and create a proper functional management solution that increases the fabric, value and demand of their property quite affordable. For all your repairing, legal compliance and accounting issues, we deliver top-notch solutions.

Being a member of RICS, Sandton undertakes all activities in accordance with the standards set by RICS. We believe in transparency and ethical standards, which a professional firm is expected to offer.  



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